75th AGM & Convention

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This years CDDA AGM & Convention took place in one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, Banff, Alberta. Members from throughout Canada joined the association in celebrating 75 years of promoting safety, standards and innovation within the drilling industry.

The convention took part over a period of 3 days, with two receptions, an award ceremony and two full days of technical sessions concerning various topics in the drilling industry presented by members within the association.

The Canadian Diamond Drilling Association Lifetime Memberships are awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of the Association’s goals and objectives. Each year members nominate individuals  for the “Lifetime Membership Award”, once an individual is nominated their nomination must be approved by the Board of Directors. This years recipients were Harvey Tremblay, Brenda Patterson-Mack and Post-Humous, Andrew Lyon

Brenda Patterson – Mack received the 2017 CDDA Lifetime Membership Award for her dedicated passion for the diamond drilling industry. Brenda has proven herself to be a dedicated asset to the industry. Brenda has worked for many of our members, she served as a Regional Administrator at Boart Longyear for over 22 years as well as an Investor Relations & Communications Administrator for over 3 years at Foraco. Brenda additionally worked as a Marketing Manager for the Mining Division at Knox Worldwide, also known as Knox Hutchinson Insurance another one of our CDDA Members. Brenda has also demonstrated herself to be quite valuable to the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association, assisting with various events throughout the years. Upon receiving her award, Brenda informed the audience that she was, ” the first women to have ever received the CDDA Lifetime Member Award,”.  The CDDA is proud to award the Lifetime Member to Brenda and is proud to say she is the first women to recieve the award. Congratulations, Brenda.

Michelle White, a dedicated board member of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association and Product Manager Exploration Consumables at EPIROC,  accepted the Post-Humous Lifetime Member Award on behalf of Andrew Lyon, the former General Manager for Atlas Copco Mining and Rock, now officially known as EPIROC. Michelle gave a heartwarming speech, highlighting not only Andrew Lyon’s contribution to the industry but also for his utmost display of kindness and concern for his family, his employees and all people in general. The Canadian Diamond Drilling Association experienced his high level of kindness and passion throughout his contributions serving as a board member for the association. Andrew was a proud supporter of the CDDA and made sure to ensure the associations needs were met so we could assist best with the industry needs and our members. Michelle additionally  reflected on Andrews’ Career, noting that his knowledge and contribution assisted with Epirocs’ current success within the industry. Andrew Lyon will forever be honored and remembered as not only a Lifetime Member of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association but also as a loving, father, grandfather, husband and dedicated General Manager to Atlas Copco Mining and Rock.

Harvey Tremblay received the 2017 CDDA Lifetime Membership Award for his demonstration of exceptional drilling industry knowledge and experience. Harvey Tremblay currently serves as the Chair Man at Hy-Tech Drilling LTD, a member of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association. Throughout his career, Harvey has proven himself to be a proven asset to the industry. His industry skills are not limited to but include such aspects as project planning, project management, manufacturing, drilling, environmental awareness and occupational health. Harvey largely contributed to the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association while serving as president of the board, Harvey assisted in launching the CDDA DEC Program, a Drilling Excellence Certification which supports contractors in improving health and safety, environmental and quality performance. At the awards, Harvey mentioned that receiving this award was “the closest he would ever get to an Oscar”. The CDDA thanks you Harvey, for your hard-work and commitment and are proud to have given you your much deserved Oscar moment.

CDDA Year End Safety Awards

Every year at the Annual General Meeting and Convention of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association, awards are presented to those companies that have achieved the lowest accident frequency and those companies who have excelled at reducing their accident frequency during the year. Every member drilling company is eligible for an award, provided they have during the year, presented the C.D.D.A. office with their statistics for every quarter and they have not had a fatality during the qualifying year. Special thanks to our Board President Ryan Samis for presenting the awards.

Surface Award- (Over 100,000 Hrs) 

Surface Award (30,000- 100,000 Hrs)

Underground Award (Over 100,000 Hrs) 

75th Technical Session Presentations

Each year the CDDA does a Call for Papers for our annual AGM & Convention. This years papers included various topics promoting safety, standards and innovation within the diamond drilling industry.  We also welcomed guest speakers Andrew Brash and Karen Bowman, Andrew Brash told his inspiring story of climbing the Mount Everest Summit and Karen Bowman informed our members of the Drop it and Drive Program, a program that encourages workers to be fully alert on the road. The Canadian Diamond Drilling Association with be partnering with Karen Bowman and the Drop it and Drive Program as well as the Traffic Injury Research Foundation working on a new CDDA project concerning both fatigue and road safety within the drilling industry.

A New Look at Incident Prevention- Brian Maeck –Boart Longyear

Download Link: CDDA AGM 2018 – Getting Ahead – Incident Prevention v2

Guest Speaker Andrew Brash

Visit Website: http://www.andrewbrash.com/

Drilling in West Africa- Lesson Learned Opportunity –Ryan Samis- Geotech Drilling Services Ltd.

Download Link: Drilling in West Africa- A Lesson Learned RYAN SAMIS

Procurement Modernization: Take Advantage of Necessity- Dean Decaire BDO

Download file: Saving Through Procurement Modernization v.3 Presentation

Karen Bowman – Drop it and Drive Program

Canadian Mining Certification Program: A Competency – Based Assessment of Skills, Knowledge and Experience- Dana Imbeault- MIHR

Download File: The Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP)

Marijuana and the Workplace – Managing the Impact of Legalization – Randy Herman- CANNAMM

Visit Website for More Information: https://www.cannamm.com/

Drilling Optimization Calculator – Chris Drenth- Boart Longyear

Download File: Drilling Optimization  

Inner tube puller for underground reduces risks of back injury- Phillippe Laplante – Versa Drill

Download File: Versa Drill- Innovation SST_V1 (1)

Safe Drilling from Ice Covers– Volker W. Neth  Tetra Tech

Download File: Volker Neth- Presentation

A Comparison between the ISO and DEC certifications – Bert Hettrich -International Certfication Ltd.

This presentation is currently being updated. For more information on DEC Visit: https://www.cdda.ca/d-e-c/

Ergonomics in the Diamond Drilling Industry– Glen Sigstad – Team Drilling

(Presentation Files will be made available based on speaker permission of online distribution of content email office@cdda.ca for more information)

76th AGM and Convention:  


The CDDA Convention committee is now looking for individuals interested in presenting a technical paper at the 2019 AGM & Convention in Newfoundland.








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