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Drilling Excellence Certification

The Canadian Diamond Drilling Association has launched DEC – Drilling Excellence Certification to establish a new, higher standard of quality in the diamond drilling industry. DEC will support drill contractors in improving health and safety, environmental and quality performance.

“Contractor Certification will demonstrate that a drill company is a ‘peace-of-mind’ service provider and open doors to new business opportunities for certified contractors,” according to Sylvie McPhail, Superintendent of Health, Safety, Environment and Community at Bradley Bros. Ltd. “Truly a winning formula for stakeholders,” she adds.

The CDDA has supported mining companies, drilling contractors, manufacturers and suppliers since the 1940’s; Drilling Excellence Certification continues that tradition by bringing drilling contractors in synch with the rest of the minerals industry, where standards are becoming the norm.

The diamond drilling industry has the highest injury rate in the mineral exploration sector, according to the 2009 Canadian Mineral exploration Health & Safety annual report. High injury rates expose drilling contractors and their clients to legal liability and increased cost due to lost work days.

The CDDA’s DEC will help companies demonstrate to clients and regulators that they have a health and safety, environmental and quality management system as listed in the Table of Contents.

Bert Hettrich

Dec Auditor

Drilling Excellence Certification Auditor

Bert studied Production Technologies in Germany, finished his engineering degree in 1987, worked as an engineer and later as General Manager in steel and aluminum construction and equipment manufacturing companies. As preparation for moving to Canada, he became an Auditor in 1996 and started in 1997 as an Auditor here in Canada. Bert is a certified 3rd Party Lead Auditor for Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems. Bert audits 50 to 60 companies annually as a 3rd party auditor for various standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, WOODMARK QS, CDDA DEC.

Bert also supports construction and mining related clients in their supplier auditing processes for selection of new suppliers. Bert provides regular training workshops for a variety of topics related to management systems standards. Since 2010, Bert was involved in developing the CDDA DEC Standards. He currently audits the CDDA Contractors going through DEC U001 Certification.

Bert is co-owner of International Certification Ltd., a License Partner of International Certification Management GmbH, which is one of the Canadian Standards Association’s Group Companies. International Certification Ltd. provides auditing services against criteria of a variety of standards and is part of a network of auditing organizations worldwide. The majority of the audits are 3rd party certification audits and they all fulfill requirements for organizations providing management system certifications such as ISO 17021.

“PDAC’s members are committed to safe work sites. I strongly endorse this initiative for certification because it will help keep crews safe and reduce risk.”

Bill Mercer, Avalon Rare Metals

“Equity Exploration manages exploration programs for its clients. They need to know that we hire safe, professional drill contractors, and the CDDA’s standards are an important step towards assuring that.”

Henry Awmack, Equity Exploration Consultants Inc.

Table of Contents

The Drilling Excellence Certification Contractor Certification Standard will be available only to members of the CDDA.

The following Introduction and Table of Contents provide an overview.

Drilling Excellence Certification Standard – DEC

CDDA (Canadian Diamond Drilling Association) and the Exploration and Mining Industry have developed this Drilling Excellence Certification Standard (hereafter called the “Standard”) for Diamond Drilling Contractors (hereafter called a “Contractor”). This Standard includes requirements for an integrated Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System (hereafter called the “management system”).

The management system is intended to support the Contractor in:

  • Fulfilling client, regulatory, statutory and other requirements applicable to the Contractor’s operation(s);
  • Improving health and safety, environmental and quality performance;
  • Attaining other certifications (ex. British Columbia’s Certification of Recognition) leading to possible worker’s compensation rebates or rate reductions and ultimately offsetting the cost of implementing and maintaining the management system;
  • Experiencing external audits;
  • Pre-qualifying to bid on future contracts;
  • Managing stakeholder relationships including, but limited to, clients, communities, Aboriginal Peoples, regulatory bodies, etc.;
  • Adopting a proactive business approach through the identification and mitigation of risks.

Compliance to this Standard enables a Contractor to:

  • Become a CDDA Certified Contractor; and
  • Be listed in the Register of CDDA Certified Contractors available to CDDA Mining Company members.

This DEC Standard shall be reviewed by the CDDA Standard Working Group on a bi-annual basis to integrate changes in regulatory and statutory requirements, feedback from certified Contractors, as well as changing demands from stakeholders within the requirements.

Compliance to this Standard enables a Contractor to become a CDDA Certified Contractor and use the Certification and Management System for marketing purposes.

Certification to this Standard does not imply compliance with statutory, regulatory and other applicable requirements. It means that the Contractor has processes in place to identify statutory, regulatory and other applicable requirements and has implemented tools to manage compliance to these requirements.

The depth of the management system including the degree of documentation developed and the methods employed to maintain the system is the full responsibility of the Contractor. CDDA is not responsible for any Contractor’s non-compliance(s) and cannot be held liable for any potential, actual, perceived, implied and/or suggested disadvantages resulting from CDDA Contractor Certification.

The requirements in this Standard are applicable to all sizes of organizations. Application is contingent upon, but not limited to, the Contractor’s:

  • Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy Statement;
  • Scale of activities/operations; and
  • Risk and complexity of operations.

The Contractor may limit the application of the management system to defined business unit(s) or area(s) such as a division or geographical area provided the limitation is described in the Contractor’s scope of certification. Regardless of the limitation, all requirements of Section 4 shall be fulfilled to attain certification.

1. Policy Statement
2. Roles, Functions, Accountabilities and Responsibilities
3. Management System Manual
4. Training
4.1 Personnel and Sub-Contractors
4.2 Diamond Drill Field Personnel
5. Document Control
6. Record Control
7. Identification of Legal Requirements and Evaluation of Compliance
8. Identification of Risks and Risk Management
9. Identification of Specific Client Contractual Obligations
10. Continuous Improvement
11. Equipment Maintenance
12. Emergency Preparedness and Response
13. Incidents
14. CDDA Statistic Reporting
15. Internal Review
16. Management Evaluation

DEC Certified Companies

Led by the drilling contractors, the other stakeholders in the diamond drilling industry are committing to the importance of the standards associated with DEC. Mining and exploration clients, industry suppliers, associations and governments at all levels welcome the CDDA’s leadership, agreeing that standards make sense.

“Exploration and mining companies are going to seek out drilling contractors that meet the new standards developed by the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association because it will simplify the selection process by reducing risk associated with environmental and safety performance.”
Peter Holbek,Vice President Exploration with Copper Mountain Mining Corporation.

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