Board of Directors


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CDDA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are accountable to the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association members. They are responsible for managing and supervising the activities and affairs of the association.

The Board of Directors meet on a regular basis to oversee the management and operation of the association. As well as to assist in planning CDDA events, conventions, and safety meetings.

The Board of Directors are required to comply with the NFP Act and its regulations, the articles, the by-laws and any unanimous member agreement (refer to subsection 148(2) of the NFP Act).

dwayne ross cdda

Dwayne Ross

President and Member of the DEC Committee

Dwayne  has 17 years experience in the mineral exploration and drilling industry, and has worked in many facets: exploration field work, drilling, welding, fabricating, and mechanics.

Dwayne joined Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd. in 2002, and gained in-depth knowledge working as the Shipper/Receiver, Shop Foreman, and Human Resources Manager, prior to his current position as the Vice President of HR & Operational Systems.

Contact:  306-683-0303

Robert Fleming CDDA

Robert Fleming

Board Member and Member of the Safety & Technical Committee

With 39 years experience in the drilling industry, he started his career with Boart Longyear in Vancouver, B.C. Mr. Fleming has held various positions during his tenure with Boart Longyear, from Helper to General Manager of the Coring Division and the Energy Division. He has also been involved in domestic as well as international contracts.

Currently, he is President – CEO and shareholder of Team Drilling LP based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Contact:  306-955-8326

bernie robertson cdda

Bernie Robertson

Board Member and Member of the Finance/Marketing & Special Projects Committee

Involvement in the Mining Sector is a challenging, cyclical industry sector that requires constant development of technical and specific tools to identify risk and especially emerging risks that could impact the sector. By involving myself in the sector trade associations, field support and ongoing interaction with Industry Leaders, my team and I bring value added responses to current and existing client base. Risk Management involves not only the procurement of Insurance Products, but a suite of other programs to assist our customers to reduce/mitigate other risks that Insurance Products cannot or are cost prohibitive to cover through traditional insurance placements. My team’s job is to provide the right program, at the right price, and bring risk identification, mitigation and transfer options to our current and existing relationships.


Tom Tromp

Tony Tromp

Board Member and Member of the Marketing & Special Projects Committee

Tony started his career with Boart Longyear products division in the early 1980’s. In 1996, he accepted a sales position with Westcoast Drilling Supplies. Westcoast Drilling was subsequently purchased by Di-Corp in 2004. Tony currently holds the position of International Business Development Manager with Di-Corp, and is based in Vancouver, B.C.

Contact:  778-736-0167

John Daniels CDDA

John Daniels

Board Member and Member of the Safety & Technical Committee

Since 1988, John has worked in a number of roles in the drilling industry. Starting from a summer student to executive leadership in transnational companies. In the past few years, John Daniels has been focusing on entrepreneurial endeavors.

Contact:  705-474-0985

Rob Steadman

Board Member and Member of the Safety & Technical Committee

Rob attended the University of Toronto- Rotman School of Management, where he completed an Advanced Program in Human Resources Management and Services. Rob is the Vice President of Human Resources at Foraco in North Bay.

Foraco International SA, is the third largest global mineral driller providing innovative solutions for mining, and water projects across 22 countries.

Contact:  705-495-6363

John Stringer CDDA

John Stringer

Board Member and Member of the Safety & Technical Committee

For the past 24 years plus, I have been employed in the exploration drilling and/or directional drilling markets. Since January of 2011 I have worked in the position of Business Development / Contract Manager for Major Drilling Group, previously with Bradley Bros Drilling. Prior to that I held a management role with International Directional Services / Layne Christensen which included operations in various countries.

Michelle White CDDA

Michelle White

Board Member and Member of the DEC Committee

Michelle is the Product Manager of Exploration Consumables at Epiroc.  She has been working within the exploration industry for over 10 years.

Michelle works in Mississauga for Epiroc, where she works closely with the sales team to support the customers with quality product and service. She prides herself in ensuring drilling customers have access to quality products.

Contact: 250-562-0100

Gerry Cooke CDDA

Gerry Cooke

Board Member and Member of the Safety & Technical Committee

Gerry started his career with Boart Longyear working on the diamond drills for five years. He moved into the construction industry in Saskatoon, later taking a supervisory position overseeing the building of scaffold systems as well as all facets of construction. An opportunity presented itself in health and safety, a direction he wanted to move in and in 2016 received designations as a NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) as well as a RSO (Radiation Safety Officer). Gerry is currently working for Aggressive Drilling based out of Saskatoon in the role of Health Safety and Environment.

Contact:  306-975-1523

Kathy Karbonik

Board Member

Kathy is the Canadian HR Manager at Major Drilling International, Inc. Major Drilling’s culture is based around the safety and well-being of their employees. This includes training and guidance from the moment you join their team, continuing throughout all levels of Major Drilling operations.



Ryan Boesche

Board Member

Ryan Boeshe is a highly experienced Regional Sales Manager at Di-Corp.

Boeshe’s extensive industry knowledge and leadership abilities have enabled him to drive growth and development within the companies he has served, and he is highly respected in his field as a result.


Jarrett Campbell

Board Member

Jarrett Campbell  has spent the last ten years working for Boart Longyear, a leading drilling company. Over the course of his career, he has steadily advanced within the organization, with his jobs becoming increasingly accountable and responsible. Campbell currently serves as the Regional Director, a testament to his abilities as a leader in the industry. His experience and expertise in diamond drilling have made him a valuable addition to the Board.


David Bradley

Board Member

David Bradley works for RJLL Forage Drilling, where he holds the position of President. Bradley has played a critical role in driving growth and development within the company. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the drilling industry, Bradley brings a valuable perspective to the Board. Through his work at RJLL Forage Drilling and his contributions to the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association, Bradley has established himself as a leader in the industry.


Chris Drenth

Board Member

Chris Drenth, Engineering Director for Performance Tooling at Boart Longyear, joins the Board with over 29 years of experience in mineral exploration drill rod and wireline tooling safety and productivity. He is an inventor named in more than 30 patents and has received numerous awards for his technical expertise and innovation.

Gilbert Huard

Board Member

Gilbert Huard, Director of Underground Operations at Orbit Garant Drilling, joins the Board and brings a wealth of experience in underground diamond drilling operations. With over 25 years of experience in the diamond drilling industry, Gilbert has held various roles, including Director of Sales and Business Development, and has a strong background in leadership and management.

Mathieu Dionne

Board Member

Mathieu Dionne, President of Diafor Diamond Drilling, joins the Board with a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience in the drilling industry, Mathieu has held various roles, including Technical Representative, Product Manager, and Director of Sales and Business Development.

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