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2020 President’s Letter

January 29th, 2020

Dear CDDA Members,

Wishing you all a belated Happy New Year and a safe and prosperous 2020 season forthcoming.

As the 2019 drilling season comes to an end, I trust we all have had a safe and productive year so far. We can now look forward to exciting new opportunities and overcoming obstacles that may come our way in 2020.

Mining is an integral part of our economy. Not only does it provide the commodities to produce all the products we enjoy today that make our lives better.  It also provides employment and financial benefits to build and support communities and social infrastructure. The mining industry has been very successful in supporting our economies due to the solid efforts of all involved people, companies, communities, governments and associations. Most importantly, it is the collaboration of all those mentioned that provides the foundation for success. It’s the sharing of our resources, experience and knowledge that forges this industry to be more productive, socially responsible and safer.

Our association is very fortunate to have a broad spectrum of participating members that bring different perspectives to the table. These different perspectives and experiences allow us to best understand the needs of our industry. This will not only prepare us for the issues that arise but also for our future endeavors.

One of our industries current challenges is bringing in new leadership to succeed alongside our knowledgeable management teams, who are now closer to the end of their careers.  This is not a new issue though, as we are faced with questions that need some consideration. Who is coming into our industry and who is leaving? What new fresh ideas will be coming in? How do we preserve and pass on all that important information from those heavily experienced individuals? This will be a challenge for some but also a great opportunity for others.

Our association is not immune to the changing landscape, but we are very fortunate to have a strong executive group established and a lot of associate members with a high level of experience. I strongly believe that it is important that we continue to grow our membership base and focus on passing on and sharing our knowledge and wisdom with other participating member so that our association will remain strong and best prepared to support our industry into the future.

As we move forward, I’m excited that the CDDA will continue to take on any new challenges and prepare for any opportunities by sharing our resources, experience and knowledge. This coupled with the relationship building that has been fostered over the past years will hopefully produce many meaningful initiatives that will support the mining industry that provides so much for our families, communities and our economy.

I wish everyone the best and look forward to 2020.



Dwayne Ross

CDDA President

Dwayne Ross

Board of Directors' President

Dwayne Ross has 17 years of experience in the mineral exploration and drilling industry, and has worked in many facets: exploration fieldwork, drilling, welding, fabricating and mechanics.

Dwayne joined Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd. in 2002, and gained in-depth knowledge working as the Shipper/Receiver, Shop Foreman, and Human Resources Manager, prior to his current position of Vice President of HR & Operational Systems.

Dwayne Ross is the Vice President of HR & Operations at Hy-Tech Drilling

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