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2019 President’s Letter

Dear CDDA Members,

Wishing you all a belated Happy New Year and a safe and prosperous 2019 season forthcoming.

Another year has passed, and our industry seems to be maintaining its recovery from its previous downturn years. The cyclical nature of seasonal work continues to be a challenge and is expected to be so for the long term.  This continues to have its effect on available experienced personnel in the industry and attrition compounding the problem when demand for drilling services hits its peak in the summer months.

The one thing over the years that has struck me as being extremely important in the exploration and mining industry is relationships.  This extends not only to our clients, but also to our vendors, regulatory bodies, and the somewhat forgotten relationship with our peers.  One of the main purposes of the CDDA is to bring us together to build fun, meaningful relationships with people who experience the same challenge and successes day in and day out.  Why wouldn’t we be sounding boards for each other??

The reason to the above question, I believe, is that our world has become less in touch with personal relationships, with the advance of the internet, email and smartphones.  The convenience of not having to put oneself out there to possibly experience awkward exchanges in person or by the phone is becoming the new normal.  The second reason is our industry has become more competitive.  We are less likely to connect with another in fear of an advantage being given to someone else through candid conversation of what we are experiencing, where we are working, etc.

In speaking with some members who have been part of the CDDA for 20+ years, I thoroughly enjoy hearing the stories of CDDA members coming together whenever the opportunity presented itself and just having fun.  Silly pranks, late nights and some of the best stories told.  How amazing would this be if we could get back to just having fun through attending CDDA and enjoying each other’s company!! The value-added benefits of the CDDA will shine through when we have more people interacting with one another in a genuine manner.

You ask “what value does the CDDA give me for the fees I pay?”  Further to continual great initiatives and offerings brought forth by our team in North Bay, I believe the highest value is access to the greatest minds in our industry. I ask as members of the CDDA, that we continue to attend and support the CDDA events and grow the participation to where it was 20 years ago. I personally can say I have gained mentors, developed relationships and learned a lot by being a member and joining the board.  I hope to have the opportunity to meet more of you and learn.

I look forward to seeing if we can accomplish any of the above in 2019. It would be AWESOME. Have a great year, members!!!”

Ryan Samis

Board of Directors' President

Ryan was promoted to Manager of Geotech’s Exploration division in 2011 after successfully growing the division since 2008. Ryan has orchestrated all aspects on several of Geotech’s most significant projects including tendering, project preparation, purchasing, logistics/operations, human resources, invoicing and client liaison over the last six years.

Ryan has completed drilling programs throughout Western Canada, the Canadian Arctic, the USA and South America.

Ryan Samis is the Vice President Operations at Geotech Drilling Services Ltd
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