Mission, Vision, and Values


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  • Promote Safety, Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship
  • Promote the Strength and Leadership of our entire membership
  • Provide our members with Tools for Success
  • Provide Proactive Advocacy and Education relating to industry trends and government legislation


The CDDA represents a unified Diamond Drilling Industry through leadership, advocacy, and unsurpassed standards of excellence.


Statement of Values for the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association Members.

The CDDA encourages passion, knowledge and action for all members through the promotion of unparalleled:

  • Safety
  • Support
  • Leadership
  • Equality
  • Adaptability
  • Sustainability


The Canadian Diamond Drilling Association accomplishes its mission by assuming the following mandate:

  • To promote the areas of common interest to the membership.
  • To promote education and training services to its members.
  • To promote industry services and standards.
  • To recommend policies, regulations and standards to governments .
  • To act as the voice of the industry.
  • To recommend areas of need for research and development.
  • To disseminate information.
  • To facilitate networking within the Canadian and the international drilling industry.


Note: The Association does not deal with matters relating to competitiveness between its members.

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    CDDA - Canadian Diamond Drilling Association

    Canadian Diamond Drilling Association
    City Centre Building, Suite 205, 101 Worthington Street East,
    North Bay, Ontario P1B 1G5
    Tel: (705) 476-6992 Fax: (705) 476-9494


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