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The resources listed below provide sources for Industry Information regarding various topics such as Health and Safety, Recommended Wages, Industry Associations, Drug and Alcohol Policy Recommendations, Drafting Drill Bid Contracts, Drilling on the Ice Procedures and more. CDDA Members have access to more exclusive content and resources. For information on how to become a CDDA Member, Click here. 

CDDA Diamond Drilling Recommended Hourly Wages

2022 Recommended Diamond Drilling Wages (Average Ranges)


Western Canada Quebec 

Runner:  $28-30 hr

Helper:  $19-22 hr

Western Provinces 

Runner:  $30-34 hr

Helper:  $23-24 hr


Runner: $32-35 hr

Helper: $22-30 hr

Please be advised that bonus and retention are not included in this as well as the experience level of the worker.  This survey shows that it can add up to $8.00 an hour on the rate or reduce it by $2.00.

Please see below line chart for information on previous years’ average wages.

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